JR Long aJR Long has a long history of many years of dedication to the Texas Trap Association and has held the following positions:

  • TTA President 1990
  • TTA Director for 15 years
  • ATA Alternate Delegate 1986
  • Zone II President, Vice President and Secretary & treasurer several times
  • Served on numerous state committees
  • Conducted national survey on ladies state teams resulting in Texas expanding ladies team to 5 members
  • Served as auctioneer at State, Zone, Southwestern Zone special events

 JR long began registered in 1974 and acheived his first 100 Singles straight on 2/8/76, first 200 Singles straight a month later on 3/13/76. He made the 27 yard line two years later on 5/21/78. He ran 100 Doubles in June 1988 and completed his Grand Slam with a 100 straight from the 27 yard line in September, 1990!

He broke 498x500 in a Singles Marathon. JR is the second shooter in Texas with a Grand Slam and 500 Squad! He is the 95th shooter to acheive a Grand Slam and the 13th Texas shooter with a Grand Slam. JR is the 15th 500 Singles squad which made the cover of Trap & Field magazine. He was on a 499x 500 squad in Amarillo & he didn't miss! He has tied for Clay Target Championship title at the Grand American twice scoring 200 each time. He won the Budweiser Handicap event at the Ohio State Shoot in 1986 against 734 shooters and ran a 99x100 from the 27 yard line at that shoot.

JR tied for the Texas State Singles Championship title with 200 straight in 1986 and took runner-up. He also tied for the High All Around Champion title at the Texas State Shoot in 2003 and took runner-up.

JR Long has won many more titles in his trap shooting career in addition to making many other contributions to the trapshooting sport a few of which include:

  • trapshooting grand slam ringTrapshooting Grand Slam Ring
    designed by JR Long
    Raising close to $100,000.00 dollars for charities and individuals in need
  • JR has designed and made the following rings
    • Trapshooting Grand Slam ring
    • Perfect 500 Singles Squad ring
    • ATA Hall of Fame ring
    • Lifetime Achievement Award ring

To date the sole recipient of the Lifetime Achievement Award ring is Jerry O'Conner who was presented with the prestigious award at the 2022 Texas State Shoot.


Texas Trap Association Officers

Stwvwn Bradbury - Texas Trap Association PresidentSteven Bradbury President
Drew FrymanDrew Fryman 1st Vice President
JJ CaswellJJ Caswell 2nd Vice President
Billy HopsonATA Delegate
Ron CunningRon Cunning
1st Alternate Delegate
Ronny BeardRonnie Beard 2nd Alternate Delegate
dieter beckerRandall Boeding Secretary
dieter beckerDieter Becker Treasurer