The Texas Zone III Bylaws have been updated.

The Following two (2) By-Law changes were voted on by the membership at the October 2, 2O22 annual meeting and here by go into effect on the date above.

  • Section B-5, Ammunition available at competitive prices, was amended, to be taken out of the requirements to hold a Zone Shoot. Passed on October 2,2022.
  • Section C-6,of the Obligations, was amended to read: The Sub-Jr, Junior, [ady, Veteran, and Senior-Veteran trophies to be based on 200 targets for the Singles Championship event. October 2,2022.

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Texas Trap Association Officers

Stwvwn Bradbury - Texas Trap Association PresidentSteven Bradbury President
Drew FrymanDrew Fryman 1st Vice President
JJ CaswellJJ Caswell 2nd Vice President
Billy HopsonATA Delegate
Ron CunningRon Cunning
1st Alternate Delegate
Ronny BeardRonnie Beard 2nd Alternate Delegate
dieter beckerRandall Boeding Secretary
dieter beckerDieter Becker Treasurer