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President Richard Leos has requested that a meeting of the officers and directors of the Texas Trapshooters Association be convened at 12:00 PM on Saturday, February 4, 2023 at the Waco Skeet & Trap Club in Waco, TX.  Below is a link to the meeting agenda. If you cannot join in person, the agenda contains a Zoom Meeting link.

In conjunction with this meeting, Waco Skeet & Trap is holding a Doubles Marathon.

We will open registration at 08:30 and start shooting at 10:00.

At 12:00 hours we will have a hard stop so that we can participate on the BOD meeting. Shooting will resume once meeting has concluded. 

View the Meeting Agenda

View the Board Mtg Documents

View the Event Program

Texas Trap Association Officers

Stwvwn Bradbury - Texas Trap Association PresidentSteven Bradbury President
Drew FrymanDrew Fryman 1st Vice President
JJ CaswellJJ Caswell 2nd Vice President
Billy HopsonATA Delegate
Ron CunningRon Cunning
1st Alternate Delegate
Ronny BeardRonnie Beard 2nd Alternate Delegate
dieter beckerRandall Boeding Secretary
dieter beckerDieter Becker Treasurer