Texas AIM shooter Stormi Waters was featured in the December 2023 issue of Trap & Field magazine. Below is the article reproduced with express permission by Trap & Field Magazine. Copyright © Amateur Trapshooting Association. 

stormi watersStormi Waters of Wheeler, TX, won the sub-junior ladies' title during the Singles Championship at this year's AIM Grand Nationals. "It felt good to win. I was surprised," she told TRAP & FIELD. "This was my first time going to the AIM Grand, and now it's my new favorite place to shoot, I liked it a lot." Stormi broke her first 100 straight in the first round of the event ending with a personal best score of 197. "It was very exciting," she said. Her AIM squad, the Texas Sub Jr's A Team, won the AA sub-junior award as well. Stormi also took home the individual sub-junior AA runnerup prize for her 197.

The 13 year old joined the ATA and AIM in 2021. She and her identical twin sister Codi got their start in the sport through 4-H shooting when they were nine years old. Her coaches and parents taught her a lot about shooting sports. 

Stormi is an eighth grader in the Wheeler Independent School District. Her favorite subject is history. ' 'I like to learn about things that happened in the past that has made the world what it is today." Her future plans are to earn a shooting scholarship and go to Lindenwood University or Texas A&M and study to be a veterinarian. She would like to try out for an Olympic shooting team as well. She also enjoys basketball, track and hunting. 

Stormi shoots a Browning Citori XT over/under, and she likes to use Fiocchi or RC shells. She usually squads with her sister. "If I don't squad with her, I constantly watch her scores to see what she is breaking. I am very competitive," Stormi chuckled. Her home club is Wheeler Co. Shooting Range in Shamrock, TX. Mom Michelle said, "Clifford Oldham started the club. He is incredibly supportive and works well with the kids." Stormi and her sister were both diagnosed with scoliosis. They wear a brace that goes from their breastbone to the pelvic bone 23 hours a day. Through therapy, they are able to remove the brace while shooting.

The best advice she has received so far comes from many people: "Relax and don't get upset over a missed target. Let it go and stay focused." The best thing she likes about the sport is meeting good people from all over. "I love this sport," she emphasized. 

In March of 2021, Stormi attended a clinic put on by Olympic shooter Kayle Browning and her dad Tommy. Stormi said they helped her with sporting clays, focus, pre-shot routine, using her eyes and how to low mount her gun. "I am a left-handed shooter," Stormi said. She also attended a Bartholow brother's clinic at this year's AIM Grand. They helped her with focusing on the next target, how to stay in the right mindset and not getting upset when you miss. 

Her favorite ATA tournament is the AIM Grand. "I like the green scenery for a background, all the competition and competing on my team." The shooting goal she is working toward is to break 200 straight in singles before or at the 2023 AIM Grand. Singles are her favorite event. "l started out shooting them and they are the easiest to me." Her favorite starting place is Post 2. "My sister is usually squad leader."

Her dad Aaron and brother Austin like to shoot practice. She also has an older sister Haylie. Stormi would like to offer a special thank you to her family, friends and coaches for all of their support. Her advice to new shooters: "Don't let anyone discourage you when you first start out. Practice and you will get better."

Lisa Caplinger

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