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Here are a few highlights of the 2023 TTA Annual Meeting held at the Texas State Shoot...

Silent Auction and Fund Raising

Due to the loss of the Southwest Grand shoot the TTA relied on event sponsors, program ads, donations, auctions, silent auctions and raffles for the state trophy package to make up for the loss in Daily Fees. A big "Thank you!" goes out to all those who donated and purchased the items!

  • Glen Miller, Lonestar Knives - Custom handmade knife purchased by Jeff Renegar $150
  • Steven Dusek - 3 Day Deer Hunting package purchased by Buddy Huff $2,000
  • Matt Nicol - Gateway Irish crystal glasses purchased by Jerry O'Connor $50
  • Matt Nicol - Texas Flags purchased by Caitlyn Bynum $325
  • Negrini Gun Case - puchased by Randy Boeding $275
  • Pistol Raffle winner was Thomas Gebhart
2023 ATA All American Team

Congratulations to the following TTA members for making the ATA All American Teams.

Douglas Briggs - Veteran 1st Team
Jeff H Webb - Veteran 2nd Team
Marvin Allbright - Senior Vet 2nd Team
Larry Tagtmeyer - Senior Vet 2nd Team
Jennifer Rutger - Lady I 1st Team
Yaani-Mai Gaddy - Lady II 1st Team
Patricia Todd - Lady II 2nd Team

2023 Texas State Teams

The following shooters were awarded plaques. First time 1st Team members and team captains were awarded their TX State Team rings.

1st Team

Dalton Jennings (Captain)
Drew Fryman
Jeff Renegar
Billy Hopson
Colton Clark

2nd Team
Patrick Crawford
Darin Clawson
Kevin Merrell
Richard Leos
Montana Fuller
Ladies Team
Bridget Bearden (Captain)
Yaani Mai Gaddy
Renee Prado
Allison Allbright
Veteran Team

Steve Dusek (Captain)
Doug Briggs

Sr Veteran Team

Marvin Allbright (Captain)
Joe Altom

Junior Team

Coy Losawyer (Captain)
Cooper Caswell

Sub Junior Team

Case Koether (Captain)
Dutch Nielsen

TTA Hall of Fame Inductees

Dalton Jennings and Jeff Renegar were recognized for their many accomplishments, sportsmanship, dedication and contributions to trap shooting throughout their shooting careers.

Cases of Winchester AA's Shell Drawing

The following 7 shooters attended all five 2023 Texas Zone shoots - Billy Hopson, Richard Leos, Darin Clawson, Kevin Merrell, Cooper Caswell, JJ Caswell & Babette Cade. Babette Cade was the lucky winner for the drawing for the 2 cases of Winchester AA shells!

Billy Hopson, Richard Leos and Steve Bradbury are donating 3 cases of Winchester AA's for a drawing for shooters that attend all the 2024 target year Zone shoots.

State Shoot Attendees

The following shooters were recognized for attending many past Texas State Shoots!

  • 15 Years - Patrick Hopson
  • 25 Years - Jeff Renegar
  • 30 Years - Bruce Best
  • 30 Years - Trish O'Connor
  • 47 Years - Jerry O'Connor
  • 50 Years - Bob Johnson
  • 50 Years - Charlie Long
New Officers

The TTA would like to present the following new officers:

  • Steve Bradbury - President
  • Drew Fryman - 1st Vice President
  • JJ Caswell - 2nd Vice President
  • Billy Hopson - ATA Delegate
  • Ron Cunning - 1st Alternate Delegate

The following officers will continue in their roles in 2024:

  • Ronnie Beard - 2nd Alternate Delegate
  • Randall Boeding - Secretary
  • Dieter Becker - Treasurer

The TTA would like to express their gratitude to the following outgoing officers for their time, hard work and years of dedication to the association and trap shooting. Their efforts have truly made a difference and are greatly appreciated.

  • Babette Cade - 1st Vice President and 2nd Vice President
  • Jerry O'Connor - ATA Delegate for the past 13 years, former 1st Alternate Delegate, TTA President, 2nd Vice President, served on the Amarillo Gun Club Board of Directors for approximately 20 years and was President of Amarillo Gun Club 3 times. We also thank Trish O'Connor who worked tirelessly alongside Jerry all those years.

View the 2023 TTA Annual Meeting Minutes

Texas Trap Association Officers

Stwvwn Bradbury - Texas Trap Association PresidentSteven Bradbury President
Drew FrymanDrew Fryman 1st Vice President
JJ CaswellJJ Caswell 2nd Vice President
Billy HopsonATA Delegate
Ron CunningRon Cunning
1st Alternate Delegate
Ronny BeardRonnie Beard 2nd Alternate Delegate
dieter beckerRandall Boeding Secretary
dieter beckerDieter Becker Treasurer