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Inducted in TTA HOF in 1984
Inducted in ATA HOF in 2010

State: TX

John Hall’s shooting earned him five first and five second All-America teams between 1973 and 1982. In 1970 he had the fourthhigh handicap average in the association and in 1978 he earned a Trap & Field All-Around Average Award. He completed his ATA Grand Slam in 1981, earning the No. 30 spot on the list. Hall’s first Grand American trophy came in 1972 with the AA award in the Class Doubles. The next year he was a member of the winning State Team for Texas. In 1974 Hall was AA runnerup in the Class Doubles after his career-first doubles perfect century and placed second among all competitors in prelim Saturday’s twins. He was AA champ in the 1975 HOA and placed fourth in the 1977 Ohio Handicap. With 200 in the 1978 Clay Target Championship, Hall took home the AA runnerup trophy after shootoff, and in 1979 he earned AA second place in the feature twins.

His Satellite Grand trophies include AA honors in the 1981 Midwestern Doubles Championship. In Spring Grand competition Hall was AA runnerup in the 1977 title twins then placed second among all competitors in the same event the following year. Hall was all-around champ at the 1974 and 1976 Southwestern Zone tournaments, adding the doubles crown the latter year. At the 1971 Golden West
Grand he was AA winner in the Singles Class Championship, and he also collected AA awards in a 1977 preliminary twin-bird event and the 1980 Doubles Championship.

Hall has 12 Texas ATA crowns to his credit: the singles in 1973 and 1979; four straight doubles titles starting in 1975 plus the 1980 championship, and the all-around in 1974 plus every year from 1976 to 1979. Hall also won four highover-alls from 1974–1979. In 1977 he set records of 100 in doubles and 395 in the all-around, the latter mark standing for 16 years. He was named to 14 state teams.

Hall also won awards while competing at California, Idaho and Oklahoma state shoots plus at Las Vegas and on the Arizona Chain. He served as Texas Trapshooters Association president in 1973 and was inducted into the state Hall of Fame in 1984. While operating a gun shop, John built custom rifles and stocks, later developing a line of sporting products that included the first one-piece plastic shotgun shell, with no brass. He also developed a plastic gun case for airline travel, and he continues operations in engineering and plastics. At one point in time, John was also manager of the Greater Houston Gun Club.







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